Mason Benning

Mason Benning, Sports Editor

Mason is senior at BASH and the newest sports editor for the BASH Cub News. He is also a part of FCA at BASH, and is a former runner on the track team. He spends his time writing, working out, and is a die-hard football fan, specifically, of the Washington Football Team. He hopes to use his writing talents and football knowledge to write recaps and analysis for football, and looks to branch out to other sports as well.

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Washington quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick on the ground after getting hit by a Charger defender. Also if you look toward the top left, you can see myself with my long hair wearing a burgundy #99 jersey. My best friend, Landon Small, is next to me wearing the blue # 85 jersey, but his head is cut off.

Experiencing an NFL game

September 18, 2021
NFL Honors 2021

NFL Honors 2021

February 10, 2021
Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson during his acceptance of the NFL MVP Award (via Bleacher Report)

NFL Honors Recap 2020

February 7, 2020
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