MaryAnn Leshinskie

MaryAnn is a sophomore this year, and this is her second year writing for the CUB. She's always looking for an interesting or strange event to tell people about, whether that be at BASH or somewhere far away. When she has free time, she embraces her inner twirler and participates in color guard, sings in the select group Voces Excelsis, and also is an avid reader and tea drinker.
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A student using their resources to cheat on a test.

Cheating: Pandemic side effect?

MaryAnn Leshinskie, Edited by Cheyenne Williams
January 5, 2021
Ninth Grader Ella Albright is expressing her fear of rain

Fear isn’t all that scary

MaryAnn Leshinskie, Edited by Cheyenne Williams
December 4, 2020
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