Be Proud of the Woman You Are: Boyertown Winter Guard drop-spins to victory


Melissa Reese

“We won that competition and no one can tell me otherwise. Scoring 2nd place out of 19 groups from PA, NJ, and NY was an experience I will never forget.” -Emily Goetz

On Sat. April 23, 2022, our own Boyertown Winter Guard competed at the MAIN Guards Championships at the PPL Center in Allentown. With a final score of 90.340, the team was able to do what no Boyertown team has ever done before: they took home the 2nd place trophy, along with silver metals.

The show that this team performed to earn rank was called “Night Witch,” using a song of the same name. Inspired by the female Russian pilots that helped end World War II, the show was centered around sacrifice and being “proud of the woman you are.”

With a rifle line, dance line, and flag line, the Boyertown Winter-Guard demonstrated amazing endurance, skill, and training as they took viewers through the heartbreaking story of the Night Witches, who were, as said in the performance, “lost in the pages of history.”

Emily Goetz, one of the senior captains of the team, “went into the competition with the goal of placing in the top 7.” However, as the award ceremony continued, the girls hadn’t heard their name yet – “we made it past all the participation awards, then the top 7, then the top 5, then the top 3. I was over the moon ecstatic.”

Keely Malloy, another one of the captains, had such great joy to hear about the very solid win of a silver medal. She stated, “I joined guard my sophomore year, so all that I worked through since then and how much I practiced just flashed before my eyes.”  Hearing her team’s name called for the win got her super excited: “And then hearing silver and so I thought about it but also my mind immediately went blank and I could think of was the win uh… like jumping up and down screaming it was great.” This captain has high hopes for this guard as they leave for Penn State. ” I’m really confident. I think even since I joined my sophomore year, this group has grown so much because of the people involved also our instructors like Melissa and Leah is great, we never had a rifle tech like her. So I’m really confident especially after this win that guard with continue growing. But I’m really really sad to leave.” To be a Night Witch she stated. ” After she graduates, Keely plans to continue guard in Penn State and try out for Blue Band.

Sabrina Harris, our last senior captain, expressed how overwhelmed and how unexpected the win was. “We’ve never got that high of a score before. Last time I performed a championships was my freshman year. We just got a participation award and we were in a much lower class ad it was like our first time performing in this class which was a really big surprise. I know there were many other groups that were very good, but obviously not better than us cause we got second.” Sabrina thinks this guard is going in a good direction regardless of what they been through. “This season, it was really hard for everyone and [there were] a lot of new people like last year, but also this year because they weren’t used to going out to competing. And they handle it very well. And just I know I had some thoughts during this season and I wanted to quit– I felt comfortable because I know they could handle things without me and I know they can handle things now without me. So I feel very comfortable. I feel very comfortable leaving them, but I feel scared cause I don’t know what to do with my life now.”

However, these girls will not be forgotten: their amazing feat has made history and will be the foundation of many other successful shows in the future. According to Emily Goetz, “We went from having a score of 48 to taking home the silver medal with a score of 90 in one season. There are so many talented girls on the team and watching everyone grow and improve has been truly inspiring. I know that the BASH color guard will go on to do amazing things.”

Interested in becoming a part of this award-winning team? The marching band season is coming quickly! You don’t need any experience to be a part of next year’s show: Marie. The show will portray the life of Marie Antoinette, a powerful (and controversial) figure during the French Revolution. Viewers will be taken through her life, from her days at Versailles to her eventual execution. Come to the BASD Colorguard Day on Wednesday, May 18th, to learn more about the program and see if it is something you would be interested in! The sign up link can be found here.

The BASD Colorguard Day is being held on May 18th, 2022. Come out and experience the amazing color guard program for yourself! (Melissa Reese and Caroline )