Gold Out Day – Support Childhood Cancer!


Photo from Greta Freed, BASH Student Council President

Let’s join other schools in the district and help support pediatric cancer research! Photo from Greta Freed, BASH Student Council President

Did you know that Friday, September 24th happens to be Gold Out Day? This will be the 4th annual Gold Out Day at our school – it is an amazing fundraiser which has given several different pediatric research charities money to continue their work.

To show your support of this fundraiser during pediatric cancer awareness month (aka September), wear yellow and gold on Friday (during both the school day and the home football game)! If you don’t want to wear gold or yellow clothing, you can still support the cause when you set your phone wallpaper to a cool gold picture! Now you may think that Gold Out is just gold clothing and awareness, but there’s so much more to it than that! Greta Freed, the Student Council President, talked about what else is to come on Friday.

Make sure to wear gold to the home football game on Friday! Photo from Greta Freed

“Each school does a ‘jeans day’ during the school day for teachers where they pay money to wear jeans to work. That money is sent to the Ed Center where it is collected to be sent to a pediatric research charity – we send it to a different charity every year. At the game, we do a ‘Miracle Minute’ where we have students go throughout the stands with cans to collect as much money as possible in 60 seconds. That money is donated to 4 Diamonds,” Greta says.

In the past, BASH has raised around $150 each year for “jeans day”, and adding that with money from the other schools (Gold Out is district wide), a lot of money is raised! The “Miracle Minute” often raises about $300 on its own!

In 2019, many students participated in Gold Out! Photo from Greta Freed

So, don’t forget to wear gold and yellow on Friday to show awareness and support, and donate to help children fight this horrible disease!