Top 5 Paranormal Events that people swear are true


Abbie Bella posing with an alien to show her love for these extraterrestrial creatures. Photo Credit: 24 Horas

Have you ever wondered about occurrences people have had with aliens, ghosts, even Bigfoot? Do you want to know what causes people to believe in the paranormal, even when there is no science to back the stories up? Many instances have occurred in which people claim to have interacted with these mysterious creatures – it’s up to you to determine whether their words are true or not.

1.) Abbie Bella And Her Alien Crush

Bored with the men on Earth, the London actress Abbie Bella took a chance with… an alien. This was how she described her experience: She began having dreams of a “white light” and heard a voice say to her (in her dream) to “wait in the usual spot.” Somehow, she knew exactly the spot the voice meant. The next night, she sat in the special spot (near an open window) and waited – and around 12:15 AM, a flying saucer flew into her view. A bright green beam transported her inside the UFO. There, she encountered five aliens from the Andromeda galaxy, who had a “slight green hue” and “human features” such as eyebrows. One of the aliens, she said, really connected with her – she described the feeling as “being in love times 100.” However, the alien told her that dating a human was taboo (but the alien was willing to break the rules), and Bella wasn’t sure if she wanted to just drop everything to be with this alien. So, with a heavy heart, Bella left the UFO. One she was back on her feet, she began comparing alien men to human men, saying that aliens offered “an extra quality of care”, while humans “just tell lies and have double standards.” Bella hopes to be a pioneer in the field of interspecies dating and normalize that kind of love.

2.) Demi Lovato Serenades a Ghost (And Gets a Standing Ovation)

Demi Lovato, singing “Skyscraper” to a traumatized ghost. Photo Credit: Metro

In Demi Lovato’s documentary series Unidentified With Demi Lovato, a video claims that she had an encounter with a ghost. The ghost, named Carmen, told Lovato about “trauma” she had experienced because of men. You see, Lovato and her team set up an EMF detector in order to communicate with Carmen. Lovato asked Carmen if she had seen any UFOs or star-people around here, to which Carmen gave no response. Then, when the boys all left the room, Lovato asked Carmen if the men were making her uncomfortable, to which the EMF let out a sharp beep, meaning “yes.” Lovato said she understood Carmen’s trauma as she had gone through things like that as well. After that, Lovato began to sing her song, “Skyscraper,” to Carmen (because Carmen had responded positively when Lovato asked her if she liked music). To her surprise, the EMF let out three beeps – what Lovato considers “the coolest standing ovation.”

3.) An Exorcist Priest Meeting The Devil

Gabriele Amorth, the exorcist that met the Devil himself. Photo Credit: NY Post

One day in 1997, Father Gabriele Amorth was introduced to a young man who wanted an exorcism done – and immediately felt the presence of evil. After asking for the help of Jesus, the young man began to spit and curse in English (instead of his native Italian), threats aimed towards Amorth. Screaming, the demon burst forward from the young man and prepared to attack the priest physically. Amorth said that he fought back with prayers and other religious rituals. Curious, Amorth asked the demon what his name was. He was answered with a glare and the words, “I am Lucifer.” Amorth was shocked, and knew he had to keep trying hard in order to remove the evil spirit. The demon shrieked as Amorth continued to pray, the it’s eyes rolling back and it’s back arching. Ice crystals began to form on the walls and windows. When Amorth commanded the demon to leave the host, the man began to levitate three feet in the air. Finally, the man dropped into a chair, cleansed of the demon inside him.

4.) A Doctor Discovers Her Patient is a Vampire

Emergency physician Archana Reddy came across a vampire that claims to drink human blood. Photo Credit:  NY Daily News

Archana Reddy, an emergency physician, met who she assumed to be a normal 30-year old woman. Reddy brought the woman into her office and began to ask her about her symptoms – that was when she noticed the sharp fang-like teeth in the woman’s smile. However, Reddy just assumed that it was some new trend that she hadn’t heard of before, and conversed like normal. As Reddy looked over her patient’s information, she saw that the patient had abnormal blood cell counts – and when she inquired her patient about it, Reddy was told that is what not because of illness. Instead, the patient responded with the words, “I am into some unique things.” After a moment, the patient continued. “I am a vampire. I drink human blood.” At first Reddy didn’t believe this at all, thinking that this lady was just a super-obsessed Twilight fan. However, Reddy then began to believe her and asked her more questions about her life – for example, she found out that she has a donor who gives her human blood (they have been tested for blood diseases, so she would be safe). In fact, according to the patient, there are websites out there for vampires to get donors.

5.) Neil Colton and the Evil Fairies

When Neil Colton saw fairies, they were dancing in a circle, and seemed harmless. However, appearances are deceiving. Photo Credit: Celtic Wedding Rings

One day in 1853, Neil Colton went with his brother and cousin to pick some berries. Everything was normal until the three started to hear music. Curious, they went to investigate – and found a small group of fairies dancing in a circle. One of the fairies, dressed in red, noticed their arrival and hurried towards them aggressively. The fairy then hit Colton’s cousin across the face with “a green rush.” The kids were scared out of their minds and ran back home – however, when they reached the house, Colton’s cousin fell down dead. Colton’s father quickly got a priest to the site, and with some prayers, the priest was able to revive Colton’s cousin. According to the priest, the fact that Colton’s cousin had grabbed Colton’s brother after being hit caused her not to be taken by the fairies forever.

Overall, whether you believe that any of these events actually occurred, it’s obvious to see that there is definitely a little bit of magic and mystery to our world that we have yet to fully discover and understand. Have you ever had an experience with paranormal activity? Share it in the comments below!