Want to try something new next year? Check out these little-known classes offered at BASH!

Its that time of year where BASH students need to choose their courses for next year. 
Photo Credit: boyertownasd.org

It’s that time of year where BASH students need to choose their courses for next year. Photo Credit: boyertownasd.org

It is that time of year again to pick classes for next year! Have you had a chance to look into the many different courses that BASH has to offer? You probably know of several incredible classes already, like the Telecom classes seen via TV News, the CUB Newspaper opportunity as shown in this commercial, or the Preschool program from all the cute little kids in the hallways. However, even more classes are hidden deep within the Program of Studies that most students don’t know about! Check out the list below to find out more – who knows, you may be checking that box on the course card for one or two of them!

DE Introduction to Education

Are you interested in being a teacher? Look no further! In this course, students will learn about what it takes to be a teacher – from historical, legal, and cultural perspectives to classroom management techniques, a wealth of knowledge is available for all our prospective teachers out there! However, the skills you learn won’t only be coming from the instructor – students will observe and gain experience from shadowing a teacher in the early childhood, elementary, or middle school level(s). Plus, there is the option to get college credit while partaking in this class! See Page 28 of the Program of Studies for more information!

Academic Conservation Science

If you are interested in the conservation of our planet Earth, take a look at this course option. This course is completely new for the 2022-2023 school year! To find and inspire the next generation of conservationists, this class will discuss the impacts of hunting, fishing, trapping, and boating on the habitats and wildlife around us, while also focusing on current events that are happening in the world of conservation. To find out more, look at Page 66 of the Program of Studies.

Music Recording

Are you interested in the music industry? In the Music Recording class, students will be able to learn about music production and recording to create their own song while using digital audio workstations such as Garageband, Logic Pro, and Ableton Live. Students will even be able to gain experience recording in both live and traditional studio settings. For more information, check out Page 55 in the Program of Studies.

DE CPR/First Aid

Would you know what to do if your friend collapsed suddenly? In this class, students learn how to be prepared in the case of an emergency. They will learn a variety of skills that will allow each student to become certified by the American Heart Association in CPR and First Aid! Also, any interested students can get college credit for the completion of this course. Want to learn more? Go to Page 45 of the Program of Studies.

When filling out your Course Selection Card, be sure that you have at least 7 credits, but no more than 8!
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It’s no secret that all of the art programs here at BASH help students create some amazing projects. Animation is no different! As the students learn to use the latest applications, they also learn about historical animation techniques and contemporary methods. Students will complete projects that include zoetropes, banners, vector animations, an interactive clocks! Interested to take your sketches to a digital platform?  Check out Page 21 of the Program of Studies to read more or ask a teacher in the art department!

Interior Design

Do you enjoy watching those home-remodeling shows and wish you could learn more about how they did it? In this course, you will learn the basic of architectural design and focus on the interior spaces of your building. From basic design principles and complex 3D walkthroughs to importing custom materials, this class has everything you need to design like those celebrities on TV! If you would like to read more, see Page 77 of the Program of Studies.

Technology and Engineering

Do you like challenges and solving problems? The course Technology and Engineering is a great place to start – students are able to take on issues related to several different types of engineering, as well as robotics, and try to create a solution. Students will build structures, program robots (that will compete against your classmates’ robots), 3D print products, and construct cars (out of K’Nex), introducing them to the world of engineering and problem solving! To find out more, look at Page 78 in the Program of Studies.

Now, go find your course card and sign up for a class that interests you and get that much closer to finding your career path.  Need help deciding? Contact your guidance counselor with any questions you have!