Let’s Talk Black History: How To Protect My Crown



Art of Black Women With Natural Hair.

Some people are born with different hair. It could be straight, wavy, curly, or coiled. And most of the time if it’s other than straight we have no idea how to take care of it. Let’s learn together 

Curl Pattern & Hair Type

Find your hair type/curl pattern description (www.realsimple.com 




It’s important to know what your hair type & curl pattern is. What is a hair type & curl pattern you may ask? These are two different ways to categorize your hair. “Your curl pattern is the overall shape and size of your curls, while your hair type refers to the state of your strands—specifically its fineness or thickness.” This will take you to learn what is best for your hair, and what products to use. It could be from how tight the coil is or how loose your curl is. Porosity

Hair Porosity

Now how well does your hair take moisture? That’s where porosity comes in. Hair porosity determines how well it handles and keeps water. There are three levels of porosity low, medium, and high. When you have low porosity, your hair has trouble taking in moisture, and high porosity is where your hair is like a sponge, which is not necessarily good once you think about it. And the medium porosity girlies you are not safe to. the cuticles aren’t too close together, but aren’t too open either. This allows moisture to penetrate easily, and it also makes it easier to retain moisture for a longer period”. What Is Hair Porosity and How to Determine Whether You Have High or Low Porosity

Find your porosity all you need is a cup of water. Drop a piece of hair in a cup of water and let it sit depending on how it stays in the water it will tell what it is.


When finding the right products. It would help if you thought of many things like ingredients, flaking, moisture, the hold, etc.

When it comes to curls and coils black-owned businesses are the way to go. They would know more about this stuff you are going to need shampoos, conditioners, deep conditioners, oils,  leave-in, creams, etc. Now, you don’t need all these products to gain healthy hair but what is needed is a healthy regime and a consistent routine

You can find a brand to settle with or mix and match whatever works for you.

Protect Your Crown

There are many ways you can protect your hair from dryness or heat. You can try on some protective styles for size or use the proper protective gear like satin or silk scarf, bonnets, or pillowcases. In addition to that, this could also help the oils for transferring to your sheets and pillow case which would also help your skin too.

Take care of your hair queens.