Doctor Strange may make you a Marvel fan

The newest Marvel movie has a lot of strange occurrences, including:

-a guy who can shrink to the size of an ant, and grow to the size of a building,

-a guy who’s from World War II but looks like he’s 30 and hits the gym a lot,

-a giant green dude,

-a blond with a hammer,

-and a millionaire playboy with an iron suit and a drinking problem.

The newest movie entry for the MCU is the one and only Dr. Strange — the infamous sorcerer supreme from the comics. This is not the first time that Marvel had thought of creating a Doctor Strange film, as there was a 1978 TV-Movie. Due to its poor ratings, there’s nothing else to say about it. This newest adaptation has been quite successful, beating out Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy in sales opening weekend. 
If you don’t know the story, Dr. Stephen Strange ( Benedict Cumberbatch) is a world renowned neurosurgeon, also known for being extraordinarily cocky. He’s living his life, saving lives, when one day as he is driving, he gets in a horrific car accident. This leads to Strange suffering extreme nerve damage in his hands, rendering him unable to continue on with his career. He goes to any and everyone he can, spending money at the rate that someone breaths. Until one day, he travels so far that he finds a group of mythical people and their leader, the ancient one.

From there, the ancient one teaches Strange bits of magic, in the sense that he could finally use his hands again, and instead of being cocky and using his powers for his needs, he uses them to help people. A major threat arises, as a former student of the ancient one is interested in working with an evil force to take the earth, and living an endless life.

Doctor Strange truly is a Marvel film, with immense special effects, a talented cast, a bit of humor thrown in at the perfect times, and a juicy story — one of the few Marvel origins stories lately, that tells the tale of how the hero came to be. Most Marvel movies as of recently have been sequels to their other movies, where characters are just thrown into the story and viewers need prior knowledge to fully understand the movie. (A prime example being Captain America: Civil War with the introduction of Black Panther)

This makes Dr. Strange an easy jumping-on point for new fans of Marvel. This movie explains everything about the character, allows an opening for a sequel, and has two end credit scene previews for the next movies during the infamous Marvel credit scenes. Most Marvel movies only have only one.

Overall, this is a movie for anyone. Even people who have no clue who this character is before the movie can walk out and understand everything, as well as the die hards fans being able to catch obscure references to the comic books and the expanded universe.