‘BASH’ING HEADS…over the election

This is the first in a Cub series in which two people discuss opposite sides of an issue.


Sophomore Anthony Sands is a Trump supporter; Senior Rachel H. supports Clinton

SHE SAID: Trump Would Make America ‘Hate’ Again

Remember in first grade when we were taught to share and be kind? That if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all?

The Republican Nominee for President of the United States still is struggling with these basic concepts. This is why Donald J. Trump cannot be president — because of his extreme views and unsteady personality.

The first thing wrong with Donald Trump’s plan to “Make America Great Again” is it will actually do the opposite. His stance on immigration is one example. He says we should have a “deportation force” that would actually track down Mexicans and try to ship them back to the border. As former Republican Presidential Candidate John Kasich said: ““We all know you can’t pick them up and ship them across, back across the border. It’s a silly argument…It is not an adult argument. It makes no sense.”

It’s reminiscent of another time in history when we had a deportation force — the Holocaust. In 2016, we have come so far in terms of diversity and acceptance to all cultures. Why go backwards?

Another reason not to elect Trump is his attitude is the least presidential attitude out of anyone we have ever seen run for office.

We’re talking about a man who insults people daily, encourages violence, racism, torture — and talks about how horrible our country is and backs up paranoid conspiracy theories.

Trump hasn’t just brought these topics up once or twice; he has argued them repeatedly and continually shocks the world with his comments.

To be presidential means maintaining composure even in heated debates and times of need. Donald Trump certainly does not have this skill. Senior Sarah Graver agrees: “I do not believe he is fit to be president. He does not have any political experience or composure to be professional while running a country and representing our country in foreign matters.”

It is clear that he has no experience and could say the wrong things while dealing with foreign matters.

I agree with Donald Trump on only one thing — that we need a lot of change in our country. Though we need change, we don’t need the change Trump is thinking of. Building a wall is just going to divide us more, and with his racist and sexist views I can’t imagine how far he would set back the rights minorities and women have gained. Overall, Donald Trump would not be a good president, and election results hopefully will reflect that the country realizes this.

HE SAID: Crooked Clinton Can’t Be Trusted

Hillary Rodham Clinton is possibly one of the shadiest politicians in this day and age. Between government scandal after government scandal, and the lies and cover ups, she is truly unfit to be the President of the United States.

Most recently, the FBI reopened the email scandal case against her. Some say the timing of the Department of Justice doing so a week and a half before the election is conspiratorial, but it would not be an issue if Clinton had followed the rules. The fact that she used a private email server to send classified information shows she has disrespect for the honor system that she is supposed to hold true to.

It has been a problem for so long — think Clinton Foundation, Benghazi, and so much more, but most Hillary supporters are so focused on getting a woman in office that they overlook these things. Having a woman president would be fine, as long as she is qualified. Hillary is experienced and smart, but she uses her smarts to scam people and do things that further her personal agenda and power. Her experience only proves she has poor judgement, as shown by what happened in Benghazi. The deaths of the ambassador and other innocent people there were her fault, due to the fact that she decided not to call in for reinforcements when they asked for them.

In addition to the scandals, Clinton’s policies would be bad for the country. Her own husband has called Obamacare, which she supports, “… the craziest thing in the world” because it’s doing injustice to the people who work hard by doubling their premiums for half the coverage.

Now, some people view Trump as a “wall-building racist”. He might use extreme language when he talks, but the concept isn’t necessarily crazy, as we do need better border control, and allowing more immigrants in threatens U.S. workers’ jobs. His other policies, such as sending criminal aliens home and holding off on Syrian immigration would be better for the country, too. Trump is not perfect, but he is the lesser of two evils by a long shot.

Overall, Clinton is not a trustworthy person, as she lies through her teeth, and just wants power and wealth, just like an old-time monarch.