Metallica’s Second New Single Attracts Listener’s like A Moth to A Flame


After Metallica’s successful and widely loved new single, “Hardwired”, they strike again with another brand new single off the upcoming album, Hardwired… to Self-Destruct.

This new song is titled “Moth Into Flame” and was released to the public via music video on the official Metallica Youtube page, just like how Hardwired.

One thing that makes “Moth Into Flame” stand out is the very impressive guitar work by Kirk Hammett and James Hetfield, once again soothing the ears of fans with amazing riffs and brilliantly crafted harmony between guitar dueling.

“The guitar solo brought back such a classical Metallica feeling to it…truly an amazing song,” Student Justin Strunk says.

The video has 63:1 like to dislike ratio, and has over 282,000 views and is projected to break 10 million. The “Hardwired” music video currently sits at 14 million.

Thankfully, Metallica really has upped their game, as some fans were afraid that the title track would be good and the rest of the songs would flop. Overall, this song actually may receive even more praise than the last one.

Hardwired… to Self-Destruct is set to release November 18th, 2016.