Bang Bang! The Old Green Day is Back


If the first release from Green Day’s new album is any indication, it will blow their last one out of the water.

Revolution Radio is their first new album in four years, and it seems like it will reminds fans of the 1980s Green Day.

The new single — Bang Bang —  resembles some of their most famous albums, such as 21st Century Breakdown, Dookie, Kerplunk, although with a  brand new sound, and fireball of intensity with their improved guitar tone, and furious drumming.

Drummer Tre Cool has finally started to use double kick drum pedals. With every other song and album, he sticks with one. In using two, he can create a lot faster beats, different rhythms, and add intensity to a song.

Bang Bang is definitely something to listen when doing exercise, or while riding in a fast car. This song is definitely is a 9/10, as it’s everything a classic Green Day song needs — power chords on guitar, Billy Joe Armstrong’s amazing vocals, and, as mentioned, Tre Cool’s insane drumming. They can never fully beat the old sound, but it’s 110% satisfactory.

Green Day’s last album release was a triple, with Uno, Dos, and Tre, which wasn’t received well by the fans.

Just like Metallica, which released their first single in 8 years a few weeks ago, Green Day is channeling their older, and arguably better style.