Halloween Rain Debate

Keeley Malloy, Cade Hovey, Payton Kalbach, Josefina Heitmann, Staff Writers

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News stations promised a rainy Halloween this year, much to the dismay of trick-or-treaters far and wide. The undesirable forecast led to a controversial debate about whether or not Halloween should be observed on the 31st or moved to another day for better weather conditions. On one side of the argument, parents of young children were in favor of moving the holiday so that their little trick-or-treaters could enjoy the night without getting rained on. The other side, however, argued that Halloween is a rain or shine tradition meant to be celebrated on the last day of October. 

Speaking on behalf of the teenagers of BASH, we can remember trick or treating in the rain, and even snow some years back. Several teens that we’ve spoken to agree that Halloween should not be moved to another date, as it’s just not the same experience you get going out on the scariest night of the year. Although the general majority of people our age wish to keep Halloween on its historical date, many people can sympathize with the worried parents hoping to make the best of the holiday for their kids.