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Maryland Francis Scott Key bridge Collapses after struck by shipping Container.

The Francis Scott Key Bridge in Maryland Collapsed after being struck by a shipping container, On March 26th, 2024. It sent multiple vehicles into dark water below, causing a major search for survivors and shutting down the busiest port out there.
Jackson Davis
This picture was taken at around 9 AM on Tuesday, March 26th, 2024, of what the aftermath is looking like.

The Maryland Bridge collapsed at 1:28 A.M on Tuesday, March 26th.

Wes Moore declared a state of emergency for Maryland, and claimed it was an accident rather than a terrorist act. The water is 50 feet deep, and using a sonar detector, they have seen ideally at least five vehicles down.

Moore claimed, “An unknown number of workers were doing repairs on the bridge when the ship hit a support pillar and at least 6 people were believed to be missing.”

The shipment container that was known to hit the support pillar is ‘The Dali’ Before hitting the pillar, it was known to be going to Sri Lanka.

Earlier today, 2 people were found and rescued, but they are still in an active search for any other people who could still be there.

The people that are being searched for are the 8 people that were working on the bridge when it came tumbling down.

There is no current situation with buses or schooling at this point, considering they are on spring break.

People who live in Maryland are informing others to stay away from I-695 at all costs due to the major collapse that happened earlier today.

“This is horrible; it’s completely gone; this is so hard to see.” Claimed a Maryland resident, Garrett Burgess.

This is what the bridge looked like right after it was hit at 1:28 a.m. (CNN)

The key bridge opened in March of 1977, connecting Baltimore City and Anna Arundel County across the Patapsco. The four-lane bridge was the outermost of three toll crossings across the harbor in Baltimore, which also includes the Harbor Tunnel (I-895) and the Fort McHenry Tunnel (I-95).

The transportation authority claimed vehicles carrying hazardous materials, including propane, are blocked from using the I-95 and I-895 tunnels through the harbor and should use the western section of I-695 around the tunnels instead. Vehicles taller than 13-foot-6 and wider than 8 feet are also prohibited from using the I-895 Tunnel.

A video of the collapsing and the current state of people if they have gotten into the supposed cold water. States that the most they can last is an hour in that water. Yet that’s only if they have a floatation device. Otherwise, they have around 7 minutes.

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