Senior Runner Commits to Hartford


dave kurtz

Photo courtesy of Pac 10 Sports

Dedicated runners often go the extra mile.

That’s definitely the case for senior Maddy Hunsberger, who has had to overcome a lot of injuries on her road to receiving an athletic scholarship from Division 1 University of Hartford.

“I have had multiple stress fractures in my femur and tore my calf muscle this past cross-country season,” Maddy said. “These injuries did put a halt at the recruiting process ,so the previous spring track season I knew I had to make myself known.”

She did just that by qualifying for the girl’s mile the 2018 PIAA Track and Field State Championships.

“These injuries motivated me, but they mainly just made me appreciate how much I love running,” she said.

Maddy decided to commit to Hartford because it’s a smaller school and allows her to major in nursing.

“Running was a huge factor in my choice and out of all the teams and coaches I’ve met, I felt the most home at Hartford,” Maddy said. “I wanted to get out of Boyertown and go other places and explore new things, and that is what I am looking to do at Connecticut.”

Maddy looks forward to running at the next level in college.

“I am very excited about running against many different girls and teams,” she said. “I’m also very excited about starting a new chapter in my life.”

She enjoys high-level competition, and hopes to run the mile and possibly the half-mile.

“I feed off of positive energy from other runners, so when in races I mainly use others to push myself forward,” Maddy said.