Sci-Fi Meets Fantasy in Hit “Zodiac” Series Based on Star Signs


Everyone likes reading horoscopes and finding out about their sign. This is probably why Romina Russell’s Zodiac series has been so popular.

The sci-fi-meets-high-fantasy books are set in a world where each planet is a different house based on a Zodiac sign. The people who live on each planet have characteristics of their sign. For example, Leos are ambitious, Cancers are loving and family based, and Taurus are calm, collected, and respectful to their elders.

Set in its own galaxy, the planets of each house revolve around the star Helios. Each house adds its own attributes to the galaxy, from war to entertainment. The houses each have a guardian that is the strongest star reader in the house and expresses the qualities of the house well.  

There are three books in the series so far: Zodiac,Wandering Stars, and Black Moon —  and a fourth book on it’s way.

All the books follow the journey of a female protagonist, Rho, a Cancerian teenager, who sees a threat in the stars that no one else can see.

After the moons of Cancer explode, Rho is whisked off from  her academy and is taken to the government of Cancer. They ask her to take over as leader of the planet, which she accepts even though she doesn’t know what she is getting into, and where she starts her journey around the galaxy.

Rho, with her ragtag crew, travel around the galaxy warning people about the threat that is looming over the galaxy. Rho has to maneuver her way through each of the unique houses, convincing them about a threat that comes from children stories.

The books can give readers insight into human nature and how one’s personality is influenced by their sign.

To learn more about the books, go HERE.


The First House-Aries- The Ram Constellation

Strength- Military

Guardian- General Eurek

The Second House- Taurus- The Bull Constellation

Strength- Industry

Guardian- Chief Executive Purecall

The Third House-Gemini- The Double Constellation

Strength- Imagination

Guardians- Twins Caaseum and Rubidum

The Fourth House-Cancer-The Crab Constellation

Strength- Nurture

Guardians- Mother Origene

The Fifth House-Leo- The Lion Constellation

Strength- Passion

Guardian- Holy Leader Aurelius

The Sixth House-Virgo- The Triple Virgin Constellation


Guardian- Empress Moira

The Seventh House-Libra- The Scales of Justice Constellation

Strength- Justice

Guardian-Lord Neith

The Eighth House-Scorpio- The Scorpion Constellation

Strength- Innovation

Guardian- Chieftain Skiff

The Ninth House-Sagittarius- The Archer Constellation

Strength- Curiosity

Guardian- Guardian Brynda

The Tenth House-Capricorn- The Seagoat Constellation

Strength- Wisdom

Guardian- Sage Ferez

The Eleventh House-Aquarius- The Water Bearer Constellation


Guardian- Supreme Guardian Gortheaux the Thirty Third

The Twelfth House-Pisces- The Fish Constellation

Strength- Spirituality

Guardian-Prophet Marinda