What Will Happen in “The Last Jedi”?


A new Star Wars movie will be out in December, but the only thing Disney  has released about it is the title, The Last Jedi. As they always do, diehard Star Wars fans  — some of whom attend BASH — have begun speculating.

The one plot detail Disney has released is that it will revolve around Luke Skywalker. A common prediction seems to be that Luke will die.

“In those three words [The Last Jedi] hangs suspense,” junior Jarrod Karwacki says. “You have to assume that Luke is going to die.”

The fact that the logo color for this movie is red instead of the usual yellow also hints at Luke dying, he said. “The color red furthers this assumption of death.”

Senior Gavin Wert agrees. “‘The Last Jedi’ may refer to Luke,” he said. “Possibly after his death, Rey will take up that mantle.”

Rey is a character from The Force Awakens, Disney’s first Star Wars film. In it, an organization known as the First Order is determined to seek out and destroy Luke Skywalker, who has gone missing.

A group known as the Resistance, led by Princess Leia herself (who now goes by General Leia) rises against the First Order. Both the Resistance and the First Order are on the hunt for Luke Skywalker. The leader of the First Order, Snoke, has turned Kylo Ren, the son of Han Solo, to the dark side. After Kylo kills his father, he is beaten (but not killed) by the story’s new main protagonist, Rey. In the end, the Resistance, specifically Rey, finds Luke Skywalker.

Some predict Luke will train Rey in the ways of the Force.

“I really think that Luke is going to start training Rey,” says Senior Emily Green.

Gavin goes along with this theory.

“I believe that Rey may complete much Jedi training, only to be halted by the return of the First Order,” says Gavin. “She’ll become a fierce Jedi by the end.”

Something speculated on since before The Force Awakens was even released is that the identity of Rey’s parents will be revealed.

“I think her dad is Obi-Wan Kenobi,” Senior Abby Rhoads said. “Or in the Kenobi family.”

Emily is hoping Luke is Rey’s father. “Oh my god…could Rey be Luke’s child? If that was true, I would freak out. I think her DAD IS LUKE!!”

Another popular character to speculate on is Kylo Ren. Many people think Kylo will transfer from the dark side to the light.

“He seems a very conflicted character,” Jarrod said. “Perhaps The Last Jedi will hold a transition for him to the good side.”

Emily agrees: “I think Kylo Ren is going to flip to a good guy — or at least try to, if they’ll take him.”

One last character with much speculation and mystery surrounding him is Supreme Leader Snoke. Not too much is known about Snoke, but there are many theories as to who he might be.

“I’m thinking Snoke could be related to Darth Maul,” Abby said. Darth Maul was an assassin in the first episode of the Star Wars saga: The Phantom Menace.

Gavin thinks Snoke is “Mace Windu. Dead*** serious.” Mace Windu was the second-most skilled Jedi in the entire Jedi Order. He was killed by Darth Sidious, who is Darth Vader’s master. But, did Windu really die? Gavin doesn’t think so.

Emily believes Snoke is going to be completely new.

“I personally didn’t pick up any clues pointing to him being a past character,” she said. “I honestly hope he’s going to be new because I’m ready to see a new villain.”

With a franchise like Star Wars, there will always be an unimaginable amount of speculation on each new movie amongst fans. The Last Jedi is no different. How many questions will be answered? Who’s predictions will turn out to be correct? Only time will tell.