PlayStation VR Offers New Kind of Gaming Experience


The Bundled Version of the Playstation VR.

Being immersed in a digital world used to be considered science fiction, but today is reality.

Sony recently came out with the PlayStation VR, a virtual reality video game console. It is a headset that gives a 360 degree view of a virtual game world, making the player feel fully immersed in whatever fictional experience they’re in. Though expensive (around $400 for the basic set), the PlayStation VR is worth buying because it is unlike any gaming experience.

The headset plugs into the PlayStation 4 system, and it is very easy to put on. The player slips the headset over his head, then calibrates the screen with the push of a button. Using a PlayStation 4 controller (or the PlayStation VR Move Motion Controllers), the player can begin the game. It’s worth paying extra for the VR controllers, which come in a bundle for about $100 more, because they allow the player to move his arms, making the whole experience more realistic and fun.

Any PlayStation 4 game can be played with the VR; however, games specifically developed for the VR provide more intense experiences. “VR Worlds”, which comes the bundle, is an amazing game in which the player enters one of five worlds as a character — such as a scuba diver entering the ocean or a thief entering the city of London. Turning your head while wearing the headset also turns your character’s head in the game.

Of course, nothing is without flaw. The headset can be difficult to adjust at times, making certain parts of the game a little blurry.

As Senior Tony Wagner stated, “The feeling of it was kind of nauseating, but overall really fun.”

Senior Kendra Bauer, who also has tried using the VR, said it was neat to feel as if she was in the game.

“It was really cool to know how advanced technology has come with being so realistic. I never knew we had things like that.”