Wish Week 2016


Wish week at BASH happens every year the week before Christmas. Students are given a slip prior to wish week to fill them out and write something down they wish to have that’s not to pricey, such as cookies, coffee, brownies, or candy. But that’s not all. Some students get extra creative by asking for a visit and hug from Santa, being pulled around from class to class in a wagon for the day, or maybe even wishing for a teacher to do the TV news announcements in the morning. Bashcub.com will post pictures of various wishes we catch as they’re granted around school:

Although Eddie Wagner had wished for a peach flavored Snapple, he was still happy with his Brisk Lemon Tea
Andrew Almendinger was delivered hot chocolate
Alex Otto was delivered hot chocolate to for his wish
Mrs. Patricia Wilkins, dressed as The Grinch, delivers hot cocoa to Mikayla DeStefano
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