Cheerleaders Compete For First Time


Competing for the first time in almost five years, BASH varsity cheerleaders came in 3rd place at PIAA Pocono Regionals in Kutztown this past weekend.

The team began practicing in August so they could start competing in an effort to raise the squad’s skill level from basic stunting to more intricate stunts, and also to improve the reputation of the squad, thus attracting more girls.  

All the months of working and reworking the routine came together on Sunday, December 4th, when 16 girls competed (with two injured members cheering). The squad hit the blue mat and brought home 3rd place in the Medium Varsity Non-Tumbling Division.

“I’m very proud for what they’ve accomplished and all the effort they poured into this,” said Coach Megan Keeney. “They deserve it.”

Although a lot of things could be cleaned up and perfected, the squad and coach are very confident for the next competition — LIVE! — on January 7th.

“Now that we’ve competed, I think the girls have a better understanding of what work needs to be done for the Philly competition, cleaning up the stunts and being tight with the routine,”  Coach Keeney said.

Senior Captain Leah McDevitt said injuries have been a big issue this year. One girl had a concussion and another injured her wrist while cheering, leaving the team without a back spot and a flyer.  

“It’s hard when you’re constantly rearranging” she said.

However, the team is pushing forward and expects to only get better. Freshman Abi Nafus is excited for what this could bring to the program here at BASH.

“I think it will make the program stronger in the long run and will build up a name for it.”