Is the iPhone 7 Worth the Cost?


The release of the new iPhone 7 has people wondering if the upgrades to the phone are worth the cost.

The one huge change is the removal of the aux port. The phone comes with an adapter to use traditional headphones, but Apple hopes people will buy new bluetooth earpods, which usually cost over $100.

“Apple is trying to reinvent technology, but removing the headphone jack is pointless because people are going to use adapters instead of using [bluetooth earpods],” Marielle Bozzini said.

Ashley Vu, who does own the phone, said she doesn’t like the new Apple earpods, either.

“They are expensive and easy to lose. Also, I can’t use them with anything else.” 

Apple had other reasons for removing the jack. One reason was for the water resistance, which is another new feature of the latest Iphone — one that Ashley said she “loves”.

The size isn’t that much bigger than the iPhone 6, which is also why Apple removed the headphone jack — to save space.

Apple replaced the headphone jack with a new taptic engine. The taptic engine is how the iPhone 7 has its connectivity, bluetooth, roaming, and airdrop modes. With the taptic engine being moved, Apple also enlarged the battery combined with the better processors to give users up to 2 extra hours of use compared to the iPhone 6.

These new processors are the a10 fusion chips — pretty good stuff, but when it comes to day-to-day life, scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, it doesn’t seem much better then the A9X chips that were in the iPad Pro and the iPhone 6s Plus.


Most people don’t need super processors for daily life.The only people who really need them are people that like to play complex games on their phone.

Most people play very low-quality games like Color Switch or the infamous Flappy Bird. These games are very simple and do not require very much effort and are very simple for anyone at anytime to play.

Some students say the changes to the new phone are too minor to warrant the more expensive price.

“It’s too expensive and I don’t want to buy new headphones or use the adapter,” Gabby Zaleski said.

The new iphone costs upwards of $649 with 32 gigs of storage (Plus Tax and activation fees). With the 256 Gigs of storage, it costs $849 (Plus Tax and activation fees ).

However, Marielle said she would upgrade if she had the opportunity.

“I think the iPhone 7 is a little overrated, but new technology is always awesome, so I would love to get one if I could.”