New teacher Mrs. Diblasi fits right in at BASH


Mrs. Diblasi chats with Tim Barone and Ethan Schoenly. The new English teacher started this fall.

New 11th grade academic English teacher Mrs. Missy Diblasi might have only been here a month, but some students say that it seems like she’s been here forever.

“When we first got our schedules, no one knew who she was since she was new, but now she is a lot of people’s favorite teacher,” Junior Logan Cwikla said.

Coming from six years of teaching 9th grade English at Pottstown High School, Mrs. Diblasi has both experience and technique.

However, she explained how coming from Pottstown, a smaller district to Boyertown, nearly three times the size, was a huge leap. She not only had to adjust to a bigger school, but to teaching a whole new grade and curriculum.

“It is nicer teaching juniors, because they are more mature than ninth graders,” Diblasi said.

She has not had many problems, but when dealing with disciplinary actions, Mrs. Diblasi strongly opposes calling students out in class. “I prefer to pull the student out into the hallway to deal with the problem,” she said.

English teacher Mrs. Susan Dacey, who was assigned to be Mrs. Diblasi’s mentor, describes her as positive, energetic, and upbeat. As a mentor Mrs.Dacey’s job is to help Mrs. Diblasi find her way around the school, and to help her get to know the curriculum.

“She is different than a lot of new teachers because she has a lot of experience and doesn’t need to learn much,” Mrs. Dacey said, “She’s actually taught me a lot.”

Since the first day of school, Mrs. Diblasi has already made a great impression on her students. Many say they enjoy Mrs. Diblasi’s teaching style and how she incorporates something known as “fun fact Friday,” where she shares a couple random fun facts at the end of the week.

Mrs. Diblasi is looking forward to the rest year at BASH and it excited for what’s to come.

“I was so nervous about changing because not everyone likes change, but after a week or two and with Mrs. Dacey’s help I have been off and running and really happy.”