Slayer’s New Album Sounds Older but Still Energetic


Tom Araya, the lead singer of Slayer, obviously like any other human being has grown older, but his energy clearly hasn’t.

The band’s first release in a while, Repetless, is full of energy.

Compared to his earlier songs, Araya sounds a lot raspier, but it works well for the brand new Slayer sound.  He now looks like a metal version of Santa, and his gift for us is this newest album.

Repentless is Slayer’s 12th studio album, and is an introduction for their new guitarist, Gary Holt, from Exodus. He replaces Jeff Hanneman, who died in 2013.

This album, just like every other, is still under the thrash metal genre, so they haven’t changed that much in that angle, but they have made some notable improvements. Things they’ve improved upon are their energy in the songs, and the fact that their is no more band drama, which resulted from replacing drummer Dave Lombardo with following a disagreement over internal financial issues.

Sophomore Anthony Sands says, “If you like crazy, intense, fast paced fury blasting in your ears, then you’ll love this.”

The album is probably a favorite of mine, as well as a good amount of the fans.