Local Punk Band On a Roll


Aim 4 Grey

Boyertown punk band Aim 4 Grey has been on a roll.

The band consists of three Boyertown students — Brian Zelcs on drums, Shane Cimino on bass, and Jaron Townsend on Guitar. Pennsylvania Area Virtual Charter School student Danny Randall rounds out the lineup on vocals.

Aim 4 Grey takes their influences from multiple genres and artists. Randall says his biggest influences in music are Rise Against, Incubus, and Maroon 5. Emarosa and The Color Morale also have been influential.

“However, I think we all came together because of our love for The Foo Fighters and The Misfits,” said Randall.

The band has demos uploaded to Soundcloud and is always working on more songs.

“Currently we are conflicted on whether we want to spend more time practicing for playing songs live, or recording better than amatuer recordings, but for now we are content on our recordings on Soundcloud and selling t-shirts until we can afford to record professionally,” said Randall.

They performed at BASH’s Live day, at Chaplin’s in Spring City in January, and with signed progressive metal band Stargazer from Bethlehem.

They currently have four upcoming shows:

  • March 14th, at The First United Methodist Church of Pottstown with Modern Suits, Voyances, Varos, Awaking Mercury, and Relevant to This.
  • Chaplin’s again on March 27th with Duke Maroon, Folk By Default,and Overfield,
  • Gilbertsville Firehouse in Gilbertsville PA on April 10th with Amora, Cedar Green, and Above the Mendoza.
  • The Rock Cafe in Harleysville PA on April 24th with Stargazer, Breaking Falls, and Awaking Mercury.

The band has been around since 2012 with previous members under the name “Roses 4 Goldylox”, but it has had their recent lineup since 2013, when It changed the band’s name.

The band’s demo for “Neverland’s Deception” can be found at: https://soundcloud.com/a4g-drandall/aim-4-grey-neverlands-deception