Coffee House 2015 Showcases Singers, Poets


An evening of poetry, singing and art made this year’s BASH Coffee House a success.

The event kicked off at 6 p.m. on January 28th. There were vocal and poetry performances from seniors Courtney Gehret, Alex Casper, and Devon Stackonis, among others — and even a special reading of feminist poetry by Gifted Teacher Mrs. Susan Burdick. Performers showcased various talents, making for a fun and relaxing evening.

Stackonis worked with a group of dedicated students to publicize and set up the exciting event, but now the Coffee House is looking for a new captain. Since the core team is graduating this year, the committee is looking for some new, hardworking students to step up and take on the 2016 Coffee House. If interested, please speak to Devon Stackonis or Mrs. Burdick to get more information.