Senior Artists Awarded Scholarships

A piece in Sierra Terwilliger’s Senior Spotlight.
A piece in Ozzie Sneddon's Senior Showcase.
A piece in Ozzie Sneddon’s Senior Showcase.

On Wednesday, May 28, the Art Department held Arts Expo. The event showcased the art of Boyertown’s art students. Many seniors were also awarded scholarships for their achievements in the arts. The scholarship recipients are:


Devon Monyer – Judith Fries Scholarship

Madison Ketcham – Coggins Scholarship

Kaitlyn Rader – Sandy Wood Scholarship

Deanna Zarillo – Educational Excellence Scholarship

Kayla Beltempo and Kristen Springman – Frunzi Scholarship

Caroline Young – Dareneau Scholarship

Sierra Terwilliger – Burkert Scholarship

Danielle Lelko – Weber Scholarship