New Sophomore Class Assistant Principal at BASH


You might have seen a new face walking around the halls lately.

The fact that he’s wearing a suit gives away that he is not a new student but the school’s new vice principal.

Mr. Andrew Maoury, who replaces Mrs. Shirley Lutz who retired in November, began his job as sophomore class assistant principal just after the new year.

He said he has enjoyed his time here so far.

“I’m loving it! The staff is very helpful, and so far all of the students have been very respectful,” he said.

Mr. Maoury comes to Boyertown from Radnor Middle School, where he had been serving as the Assistant Middle School Principal since 2011.

Prior to that, Mr. Maoury served as the Upper House Principal for five years at Renaissance Academy Charter School. Before that, he spent six years teaching English Language Arts at both the middle and high school levels.

He said his teaching background helps keep him grounded as an administrator.

“I constantly refer back to my experiences as a teacher,” he said.

Teaching high school better fit his “big ugly guy” personality, he said jokingly. However he really enjoyed the influence he had on younger students in middle school.

His approach to the discipline issues he will deal with in his job is twofold, he said: “Follow expectations …and end negative behaviors.” If rules are not enough to end student’s negative behavior, that’s when consequences come in, he said.

He says Boyertown is bigger than the other schools he has worked at. Mr. Maoury is very impressed with the large numbers of staff going above and beyond to help the students, and the opportunities that students have to get involved at BASH.

Mr. Maoury has a wife and two sons, whom he coaches in t-ball and wrestling. He also enjoys fishing, is active in his church, and is a member of AHEPA, a Greek-American society.

Dr. Brett Cooper believes that Mr. Maoury has much to contribute to BASH, saying, “Mr. Maoury brings extensive knowledge in the areas of working with students on a daily basis, curriculum & instruction, RTII, DATA Analysis, and school climate related practices.”