Red Queen – dystopian with a twist

Red Queen - dystopian with a twist

“Thinking all Silvers are evil is just as wrong as thinking all Reds are inferior.”

These words of wisdom are given to Mare, the main character, in the book Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard.The book really gets the reader to question what is truly good and truly evil — and who to trust in life.

The book is one of the many young adult dystopian fantasy novels out now. However, filled with twist and turns, it is different from other books in the genre, in that the world the Mare lives in is not clearly all negative.

The book tracks the adventures of Mare Barrow, a.k.a. “The Lightning Girl”, as she goes through transformations of her character, good and bad. Plucked from her usual thieving life, Mare goes through a whirlwind of events and she finds herself in the middle of a revolution in a futuristic world. With a secret that very few people know, Mare will have to lie and deceive her way with the whole kingdom watching her every move in order to protect her family.

Amidst her teenage emotions is a complicated love story. She teams up with a ragtag team of revolutionaries, the Scarlet Guard, revolting against the Silvers who keep them in poverty. “We will rise…Red as the dawn” is the motto of the revolutionaries heard throughout the book. However, all is not as it seems and betrayal possible at every corner.

With an end that leaves the reader speechless, Red Queen is a book that leaves the reader begging for more. Luckily, there is one other book in the series — Glass Sword — and King’s Cage is coming out February 2017.