Volleyball Sets in at BASH

The new volleyball club is thriving – with girls showing up to compete and have fun

A lot of girls have responded to the call for players to start a competitive volleyball team at BASH.

Junior High West Physical Education Teacher Michael Ludwig, the team’s head coach, said 77 girls signed up since the announcement in August that a team would be formed.  Over the summer, a summer camp was offered to anyone who wanted to enhance their skills.

Right now, the team is only a club, but the hope is that they will become a PIAA team.

“The club is doing well,” he said.

The girls have been divided into seven different teams.

“Those teams will be playing an inter club game schedule,” he said.

Junior Aiden Amore is one of the new players. She said the team practices 2-3 times a week and has games at the high school on Saturdays.

“The practices start off with a warm up, which includes lunges and/or squats,” Aiden said. “Then we practice different techniques in different circuits.”

She said she is excited that the school has offered this opportunity.

“It’s a great way to try out a new sport and make new friends.”

The volleyball team offers two options: a recreational team for those who are looking for fun,  and a travel team for those who are looking to compete. Aiden said she is choosing recreational because of her classload.

However, sophomore Lauren Sheehan is trying out for the travel team this week.

“I am trying out for the team because I am competitive and love to play,” Lauren said.

Aiden and Lauren both agree that this volleyball team is a great addition to BASH.

“Others should definitely join if they want to play!” Lauren encourages.


Liz Dipiano