2014 FBLA Regional Competition

2014 FBLA Regional Competition

Twenty-one BASH students qualified for states at the regional Competition for the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), which took place on Tuesday December 16th at Albright College.

The day started off with a series of business related, motivational speeches, which really got the competitors ready to face their competitions. Students also were able to attend seminars featuring currently enrolled students at Albright College and get a glimpse of what life in college is all about.

Each Competition is a little different. Some students had to take long tests, while others had to present on certain topics on the spot on topics each student has been studying for a few months now.

After the competition, all of the teams were treated to a catered lunch in the dining hall at Albright and got a chance to speak one on one with current Albright students.

At the end of the day, the winners of each Competition were announced. Each of the following students qualified to attend states in 2015.


Alaina Doerr

Davanshi Agnihotri

Lauren Bergen

Catherine Coates

Olivia Crocker

Jessica Flack

Jeremy Glasner

Jordan Glasner

Liz Haeckler

Jenna Hiryak

Alaina VanDyke

Will Wilson

Ben Shaner

Jess Kurtz

Ashley Minner

Dylan Herbst

Marissa Kemperman

Adam Reynolds

Paige E Miller

Kara Hoover

Kelsey McKenrick

Congratulations to all those who participated in this years FBLA Regional competition!

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