Boyertown Lady Bears volleyball back again!


2021 PAC Champs of the Pioneer Athletic Conference, volleyball

The Boyertown Lady Bears volleyball team is officially back in the gym, starting up Spring workouts to get ready for another amazing fall season.

The Boyertown Lady Bears volleyball team first started as a skill based summer camp created by Middle School West gym teacher, Mike Ludwig. Eventually the sport was approved by the school board to become a varsity sport. Nearly 6 years later, the Lady Bears have won two back to back PAC titles, and hope to continue their legacy to the next season.

The Lady Bears run not only the Lady Bears Volleyball Camp, but also the Spring and Summer workouts to help prepare players for tryouts. Those players who did not want to or could not try out for the high school team also have the opportunity to join the volleyball club run by the volleyball team coaches and players as it is also a great way to play with others and learn about the sport.

The Spring workouts have recently started and will continue for the Lady Bears into the coming month. Spring workouts are every Tuesday and Thursday, open to coming 9-12 graders. Workouts will stop June 2, 2022, and Summer workouts will then follow them. More information regarding the offered activities from the volleyball team can be found on the Boyertown Lady Bears Volleyball website.

Spring workouts consist of skill based drills, engaging with other players, and game play. Many players have played at local clubs during the off season, and for those who have not, this is a great way to warm up for the season. No matter the skill level you are, these players show dedication and support through every play.

Workouts also allow those who have played for the team in the past to come back and coach the new or returning players. 

Overall, the Spring workouts are off to a great start for the Boyertown Lady Bears volleyball team and we hope to see their progress throughout the coming season.