Prom Hopes For Rescheduling

Seniors — check your emails and vote in a google form regarding possible prom dates.

In the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak and the school closures, many proms around the nation as well as graduations have been cancelled. As of right now, prom for Boyertown is hoping to be rescheduled for a later date.

Despite the shutdown extension making the original May 1 prom date impossible, Class of 2020 Adviser Sra. Jennifer Benning sent out an email regarding rescheduling dates. To be clear, the prom reschedule is not certain and must await administrative approval in order to be put in place. 

Some seniors are very grateful for this attempt, even if it doesn’t become a certainty.

“I’m just happy we’re still trying to have something and aren’t just giving up on it,” senior PJ Riddell said.

Others share the sentiment.

“It’s not ideal, but given the circumstances I appreciate the fact that the officers and staff are working so hard to make sure we have a prom,” senior Ashley Anousaya said.

The google form includes options indicating a late July/early August prom reschedule. Cub urges all seniors to please vote, even if they are not going to prom.