Seniors Get Animated About Disney


Many seniors are excited for the Disney trip next week, starting on Tuesday.

Next Tuesday, seniors will be driving into school at 2:30 A.M., tired, groggy, but on their way for a four-day vacation in sunny Florida to celebrate twelve years of education coming to a close.

“I get to hang out with my friends,” Kristen Sell said. “I went to Disney once when I was four. It’s an easy trip for the school, Disney’s a safe bet because they’ve got a lot of pre-planned things.”

The trip, which has gone on for thirteen years now, has become a long-standing tradition. Enjoyed by many classes in the past, it’s the only opportunity to go with a large amount of the graduating class to an amusement park.

“Let’s try to stay safe and follow the rules,” Grade-Level Principal Mr. Andrew Maoury said at the pre-trip meeting. “It’s a good tradition, and we want future classes to be able to experience it.”

New this year are three FastPasses per student per day, a trip upgrade seniors hadn’t previously gotten. Additionally, students will have more parks available to them than ever before, simply because Disney is always expanding.

“I like how it’s available, I know in past years they didn’t offer FastPasses,” Allie Howe said. “And with park-hopping, I think it’s a good idea, because I personally don’t wanna spend my entire day in Animal Kingdom, I think it’s boring there, so I’ll be going somewhere else.”

Students will have meal coupons for breakfast and dinner every day; lunch is on their own. However, they’re allowed to bring snacks into the park.

“Disney food is very expensive, and I think they should provide for our entire day,” Allie said. “I do like that we can bring snacks into the park.”

Many students are excited to get to warm Florida, where weather next week is projected to be in the high-70s and mid-80s, with almost no chance of rain.

“I get to get away from home,” Neiko Shea said. “It’ll be my first time on a plane and to Disney.”

With many park-hopping privileges and staying at Disney’s Pop Century Resort, which was newly refurbished in 2017, seniors can’t wait for Tuesday. The full trip itinerary is below.


Class Trip Itinerary:

Tuesday, March 10 (*Disney Park Hopping Day)

3:00AM Depart for Philadelphia Airport

6:00-6:15AM Spirit Airlines flight & Southwest flight depart

8:46-8:50AM Flights arrive in Orlando

9:00AM Charter buses to Epcot

Throughout day: Park hop, Disney Meal Coupons, Illuminations

9:00PM Go to hotel (Pizza Party in individual rooms)


Wednesday, March 11 (*Universal Park Hopping Day)

Group Photo

Charter Bus to Universal Orlando (park hopping to Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, and Volcano Bay Water Park)


Thursday, March 12 (*Disney Park Hopping Day)

Disney buses to Animal Kingdom and/or Magic Kingdom

If in Animal Kingdom, closes at 8PM

If in Magic Kingdom, Happily Ever After Fireworks

Game Room and Food Court open late at Hotel


Friday, March 13 (*Universal Park Hopping Day)

Charter Bus to Universal Orlando (park hopping to Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, and Volcano Bay Water Park)

Pizza at Hotel

Game Room and Food Court open late at Hotel


Saturday, March 14 (*Disney Park Hopping Day)

Disney bus to Hollywood Studios

3:00PM: Some charter buses depart for Southwest flight at Orlando Airport

5:15PM: Other charter buses depart for Spirit Airlines flight at Orlando Airport

10:00PM First flight group arrives at BASH

11:45PM Second flight group arrives at BASH