Trump Wins School Mock Election

Republican Nominee Donald Trump received the most votes in a poll of students.

Republican Donald J. Trump won a mock presidential election sponsored by

Trump received 46 percent of the vote, while Democrat Hillary Clinton received 40 percent. Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson received 11 percent.


A total of 583 people, or about 30 percent of the BASH community, voted. Voting took place from Friday, Nov. 4 through Monday, Nov. 7, and both students and staff were invited to participate.

A poll taken in social studies classes with close to 800 voters gave Trump an even bigger margin. In that poll, he received 51 percent of the votes to Clinton’s 30 percent, and 16 percent of voters chose Johnson.


Below is a list of the verbatim anonymous comments left by people from the poll. The poll question asked, “Why did you choose the candidate you did?”.

Hillary for prison

Because she’s not a racist, misogynistic, capitalistic, xenophobic, and overall terrible person.

The least bad

I beleive their views fit mine also that they truly care about the people

I want to get our jobs back and make America great again!

Because I have a brain..

Better than Clinton

Make America Great Again

Hillary is a liar.

trump will get us into a war and have every country against us

even though she a crimnal at least her skin isnt orange

woman has experience and knows what’s she’s doing!

She’s not Donald Trump.

Lowering taxes to allow for economic growth. Stopping illegal immigration by securing our borders making our country a safer place. Renegotiating trade deals to improve the GDP.

Its not trump

Not as dishonest as Crooked Hillary

Hillary is a criminal. Plain and simple.

i believe he is the best fit for our economy

Trump is a dangerous demagogue.

Voting for candidate not under federal investigation

green party is pretty rad

Clinton is a lier

She shares many of the same views as I and is a candidate I can trust to run America.

I just don’t like Trump


BUILD THE WALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He’s the best candidate to support the constitution.

Shes the lesser of two evils that i know about

I fully support Hilary Clinton because its time we had a change in this country for the better.

Clinton and Trump are both terrible, but i cant STAND Hilary Clinton

I don’t support criminals

she is better and makes better decisions.

He’s an excellent businessman who knows how to make money. He will secure our borders. Trump will make American safe and great again

Has more experience and qualifications to be fit for presidency; also is not as corrupted or unfit as the other candidates.

Hillary has the expertise. Trump has no experience doing anything but for himself. Trump would be a disaster, putting his foot in his mouth, which can create a worldwide catastrophe.

Trump will ruin our nation. She might be a terrible person but she is a great politician

Hes not hilary clinton. He is against the lgbt community and also pro life.


Because America is not a business and shoild not be run by a buiness man like Donald Trump

I want to build a wall

Experience matters.

closest thing to bernie #yafeel

anyone’s better than trump

Because Trump terrifies me and Hilary is a criminal.

because she’s not an idiot

Agree with No Abortions. Some of the things he wishes to do most likely won’t happen but if some of them would happen, I believe it would make things better. Plus I don’t want Hillary in office.

the less of two evils!

She is by far the most qualified, honest and trustworthy candidate available…and Donald Trump is a racist xenophobe who lacks even a basic understanding of the global economy and politics

Clinton is not Donald Trump.

They are intelligent and highly qualified to run the country.

Hillary is a criminal

Because I couldn’t choose Bernie (#BernieOrBust)

She is capable of doing the job, and I’d like to see the first woman President in office.

because Hillary is a criminal

Neither Trump or Clinton.

Trump’s views are still better than ones from a criminal such as Hillary.

Hopefully they will do more for the economy then Trump building a wall & Hiliary with the email scandal

He is not a joke like Clinton and Trump

Her veiw points i believe will drive the united states towards a better and peaceful country.

Because everyone is awful.. Trump acts like a man child and cries wolf all the time and Hillary i don’t know what to believe when it comes to her but she is qualified but i don’t know if i trust her

Because if we get Gary to 5% then the Libertarian party will get major party funding in the next election. (Yes I know he’s an idiot)

Hillary Clinton respects the LGBT community and supports education.

Lets be honest for a second. With the Hillary emails just waiting to be released, i would rather have a loudmouth than a liar. Sure he will get us into trouble, but it isn’t any different than the trouble she would put us in too.

I like his name.

Crooked Hillary

I support Donald Trump because I feel that America needs a strong and independent leader. Although lacking political experience, Trump seems to be a better choice due to Hillary Clinton’s corruption. Third party is a waste of a vote in my opinion, so I feel that Trump is the best option. I also feel that this country will turn to trash with a woman president (such as Hillary). America does not need Crooked Hillary.

The lesser of the two evils

donald trump is garbage

Based on environmental beliefs; support of Roe v. Wade and women in general

She has experience as a Senator and Secretary of State dealing with foreign and domestic policies, she has good communication skills, she has our best interests in mind, not the inetersts of big business and the elite

She is the lesser of all the evils:)

She is the best option we have. I miss Bernie.

Tired of the same old politics and would like to have someone that is not political.

Because he’s not a lying, scamming crook who’s responsible for multiple deaths in Benghazi, and he doesn’t mess around with emails 😉

Best of 5 bad alternatives.

Cuz he gonna build the wall and I don’t want a US marine killer as my President

because i dont support womens rights

Because America cannot have Barack Obama followed by Donald Trump, it will ruin the progress made.


Because they aren’t Donald Trump.

media influences

I compare Trump to Hoover. Both outsiders and business men. Hoover’s way of dealing with the Great Depression was and still is frowned upon by most, but by using the idea of the hands off approach to handle things, people would learn to rely on themselves more. Now, FDR, a politician, chose to bail out people by getting the government heavily involved by spending money we didn’t have putting us hugely in debt. The U.S. economy isn’t at a period where we are prospering, so rather than Hillary letting the business cycle correct itself and also make people more independent, she will spend more money making the government more powerful, making people more dependent, and putting us into a greater deficit.

cause he is realistic

his ideals are right even though he says dumb stuff

he’s better than the rest of them

Secretary Clinton pulls far ahead with the most political experience, making her the most qualified for the position of Commander in Chief. She will provide an experienced opinion to issues regarding foreign affairs, which is the potentially largest-rising topic/problem in the United States.

Hillary is a criminal and doesn’t know what she is talking about politically. She is trying to continue what has destroyed our country the past 8 years instead of continuing the ideals that built us into the best country in the nation for 200 years. Trump knows what he is talking about politically even though he says some offensive things. Trump says mean things, Hillary does mean things.

Trump has amazing hair

If any ordinary person did half of the stuff Clinton has done, they’d be in jail. She constantly contradicts herself with points: she has been “helping kids succeed by supporting them”, yet she is an advocate for abortion. Do not tell me you support children if you think it’s okay to kill 1.5 million every year. Trump is genuine and cares for the well-being of humanity. His experiences will further develop America. These are just a few reasons why.

Because I support his stance on non interventionism and his space program

i agree with his thoughts about education.

Donald Trump, he gives a lot of money to the poverty students

Their educational stance


All other candidates are incompetent.

She is pro public school.

although he is outspoken I believe checks and balances will keep him tame to the point where he will get stuff done.

Hillary’s a liar. Either way we are doomed.

Trump is going to working with congress to decrease the cost of college and he is giving money to schools from k-12 to help with kids in poverty.

I don’t support any candidate, This was the best way to waste my vote. The electoral college system is broken.

because its not a real vote, and trump would get the united states of america all killed

He’s a candidate who will please the majority of the people and not change his views to please the minority, just for votes.

I liked her previous accomplishments

Because darn it’s not Hillary or Trump

Obvious reasons

because he says what is on his mind and mostly speaks the truth

Her many years of experience, support of education, support of LBGTQ community

She supports local business and has a lot of experience in government

Trump doesn’t lie like crooked Hillary

Because Hillary for Prison 2016 and Gary Johnson is an idiot sorry Garry

i hate trump

~ Hillary for Prison 2016 ~

Because Hillary is crooked and a liar, and make america great again


His ideas

Against abortion and homosexual marriage

Because hes a cool dude


I don’t think a criminal should be in charge of this country, also her husbands has many inappropriate charges filed against him. #hillary’sliesmatter #trumpthatchick #makeamericagreatagain #shadylady

i do not think a person charged with many sexual assault charges, and many bank rupees should be in charge of our GREAT nation. Also his wife is an immigrant yet he wants to rid of them???? #shady #hillyes #IMWITHHER

i don’t know. better than clinton or trump

Because they know what they are doing(mostly)


While I might not agree with Hillary on some issues, it is not ethical nor intelligent to put a man in power who is unpredictable, erratic, and a bully who somehow always sees himself as a victim. I find it ironic that he calls the system rigged when he is challenged, but doesn’t think twice about what he says. He’s not going to bring change if he continues to lack tact and poise in international and national relations. While Hillary has had certain situations in which she has not acted appropriately, she is smart, and tough, and you always know what you’re going to get with her.

Good ideas and speaks for the people. Also America was founded and built through businesses (Trump Towers) not politics. And Hilary Clinton is a pathological liar whose 33,000 emails put a lot of people’s lives at risk, whereas Donald Trump could potentially give people more jobs and get the country’s “debt pool” to be a bit less deep. Plus Mike Pence would be a great vice president because he seems normal, as for Tim Kaine he seems a bit too sketchy and makes me feel a little uneasy to think that if Hilary is elected and her health issues get the best of her, Tim Kaine will be president, which gives me the chills. And this is all from my own perspective NOT my elders, I am at heart a republican, and a citizen of the US that strongly agrees with Donald Trump and his plans for America.

Trump scares me. I know nothing of the other candidates.

Not fake, against girls, orange, or has a son that went to the hill school (that would make them think they are so cool, and we can’t have that)


When looking at this candidate view points and who he will appoint to Supreme Court, I believe he would be the best for the presidency when putting aside his personality.

The other candidates, besides Hillary, have very little chance of winning & Hillary is not trustworthy.

I don’t want a criminal as our next President.

Because I don’t vote for criminals, and I don’t trust third party candidates.

She is most qualified to be President out of the candidates and I support some ideas she has to offer.

Anything to make sure Trump does NOT become president.

He’s not a criminal.

Donald Trump would be the downfall of our country and, as of right now, voting third party is a waste of a vote.

I was feelin the bern but yanno the garbage will do.

Hillary is going to bring a new sense of freedom for not only America as a whole, but also women in general. Being the first female commander and chief will bring a new sense of authority to the female population.

They have experience in office

Keeps tabs on his emails/ better border control ploicy/ and speaks the truth even if it isnt pretty

Best Tax Plan / Not A Criminal (Hillary) / Strongest Border Control

I choose them because Hillary’s interest is not with the american people like donald trump. She has taken so much money from other countries, so her priorities as president are with them and not us. Also with the FBI investigation Hillary would not be able to do her job for at least the first year of her presidency.

Hillary Clinton is Crooked as h***

he will make america great again and he is against abortion

Because he is against abortion

Because Hillary Clinton is a lying, crooked, dangerous thief. Even know trump isn’t the brightest bulb of the bunch, I think Pence will balance out his egotistical ideas.

He’s not a liar and cuz merica gonna build a wall!!!!

Clinton and Donald are too authoritarian, the constitution party isn’t polling well enough to reach the 5% threshold to become a minor party, and Jill stein believes wifi causes cancer (and she’s more socialist than Sanders). The libertarian party aligns with my beliefs, so I’m going to help make them a minor party for the 2020 election. I’m hoping the Libertarian party can replace the Republican party, like the wig party before them.

I see more jobs coming to America, and that he will get stuff done

Because Hillary committed treason to this country by selling national secrets for money and her foundation, which she keeps 94% of the money for herself!! She put national security at risk, got a rapist freed and then laughed about it, had americans killed, and kept private information on her personal server. This woman should be in jail, and if she becomes president, I will be the first person to sign a petition to get her impeached. Anyone supporting Hillary is supporting a criminal.


emails. enough said.

Shes not a pig like trump


Hilary is Corrupt

I support Gary Johnson because he will not start WWIII, will reduce foreign aid, support the cannabis industry, promote transparency, support whistleblowers, reduce courruption, and most importantly give citezens more liberty than any other candidate.

Hes not completely insane/a criminal

Trump and Hillary will ruin this country. Nopety nope nope.

Only canididate that has previous political experience between the two major parties

Hillary has spent thirty years in public service. As a result, people have died, our integrity as a country has been questioned, and she could potentially be convicted of a federal offense. All other candidates are polling below ten percent, with the exception of Trump. Regardless of his inexperience and informality, he is the only person who can defeat Hillary- a woman who threatens our very way of life.

the lessor of all evils

we know what we would get, with the later, its lies, corruption, and a criminal.

Because Trump didn’t delete 30,000 emails

I support Hillary Clinton mostly because she is the Democratic candidate, and republicans have a long history of conservative values which do absolutely nothing to further the social progress of America. Democratic progressives are one of the biggest reasons our society is going to be able to advance toward establishing basic human rights and equality to truly make our country great. Also, America has really never been great. There have always been minorities that have been treated like garbage. Both main presidential candidates are pretty bad choices, but throwing away your vote on any other candidates isn’t helping either. The democratic party’s morals are the only thing keeping minorities ALIVE in most cases. America won’t go anywhere good with a non-democratic candidate.

Everyone is filled with greed. END THE FED

Cause Hillary is a liar, and will put our country into danger. Donald Trump will fix our garbage country.

Jill Stein is a real role model for young women, and is a born rebel. She’d definitely lead this country well.

Because she is less likely to make our allies hate us than Trump is with his constant insulting words and prejudice.

I don’t, I just don’t want Trump to be president.

Cause HIllary’s corrupt and Trumps the man

Because Trump and hillary are both criminals, and arguably buffoons, Gary johnson may not be particularly special, but he’s at least normal, and not a criminal or a war waiting to happen.

He seems the least awful.

Good foreign policies, will create jobs by lowering big business taxes, and wants to undo the mass spending of the Obama Administration

it isn’t hillary

He isn’t Trump or Hillary

Because she good n Donald Trump is very mean

I believe that she has a level head and can do great things for the country

against abortion, i dont believe illegal immigrants should be here, hilary clinton is a CRIMINAL WHO SHOULD BE IN PRISON FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE SHE WOULD BE A TERRIBLE LEADER OF OUR COUNTRY, donald trump although no filter, thats what americans need TRUTH

I support Donald Trump because Hillary is a liar is going to go to jail if she doesn’t get elected or may even go to jail while in her presidency

Hillary is going to make sure kids going into college will not go into debt, she is going to improve the workforce, and she is going to improve the economy. Hillary is more fit to be President than Donald Trump.

Only candidate that isn’t Donald Trump with a chance of winning

Because, unlike Donald Trump, Hillary is not insane.

I chose Clinton because she’s actually worked in politics before and can handle the responsibility, unlike Trump who would probably launch a nuclear war because of his short temper and tendency to offend people. I do not like Clinton the best, however no other candidate has a chance against Trump.

I like the color green and it is not Clinton or Trump

Concerned about national security

Unfortunately, at this point, she’s the lesser of two evils. Usually third party candidates don’t win, so between her and Trump, Clinton, I believe, is the best choice for this country. I agree with some of her points and I think it’s be incredibly empowering and inspiring to have a woman president. I was a Bernie supporter, but she seems to be agreeing with some of his points, and her views on things such as gun control, abortion, immigration, and many other things are much better than Trump’s in my opinion. If we are searching for the best future, Clinton should be our president.

Only because I don’t like Trump

She’s reasonable and has a lot of experience, even though I’m not a big fan. Donald Trump is too unhinged to lead a country.