BASH Poll Reveals Students “Feel the Bern”

Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders

Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders

A BASH Cub poll asking who students like among presidential candidates reflects the national trend of young people supporting Democrat Bernie Sanders.

Among the five people running, 41 percent of those polled said they would vote for him. Donald Trump had the next highest percentage with 24.5 percent, followed by “none” with 9.4 percent.

Sophomore Connor Deskie passionately proclaimed his opinion as to why Sanders would be the best candidate for president, applauding Sanders’ 32 years of experience in government, and his addressing the “unfairness of class” and minority issues.

“Bernie Sanders knows that the top .1% of the wealthiest people in America have as much money as the lowest 90%,” Deskie said. “He wants to work to allow everyone a fair chance at having a fair life and for those who are starving to be in good care.”

Deskie also likes Sanders support for raising the minimum wage and giving women the right to abortion.

“He acknowledges the unfairness of classes, and cares about a lot of problems with minorities. He’s aware that raising the minimum wage will allow many to spend more, therefore promoting local businesses and overall earning more money.

Sophomore Ben Vermeesch was more succinct in explaining why Donald Trump is his first choice.

“He will get stuff done,” he said.

However, when asked who they would choose among Republicans alone, John Kasich and Ted Cruz beat Trump, each garnering 35 percent of students’ votes.

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