New Dance Class to be Offered Next Year


Students now have the opportunity to express themselves through the movement of dance in a new physical education class being offered to seniors next year.

Fundamentals of Dance is a semester long course that will take the place of a regular gym class. Instead of playing basketball or volleyball, students will learn the basics of many different dancing styles including: ballet, tap, jazz, square, and many others.

“This class is all about dancing, having fun and being creative,” said gym teacher Mrs. Nicole Fusco, who will be teaching the course.

There will also be a unit on aerobic dance and group fitness. Students will learn zumba, yoga, tabata, and kickboxing.

Junior Paige Hart said, “I can’t dance at all, so I’m looking forward to learning how!”

Not only will students practice these exercises, but they will learn about social dances that were popular throughout the decades.

By the end of the semester, students will have learned how to choreograph dances. Students will be responsible then for creating their own dances.

“I would recommend this class to students because it will be a great way to get a good workout and learn about movement while having fun!” said Fusco.

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