New Art Wing, Cub Gym Have More Modern Feel


After Christmas break, the new art wing and Cub Gym was opened for use, completing Phase I of the school’s three-year construction project.

“The phase was completed on time with few issues,” said Dr. Principal Brett Cooper. “I’m very happy with the product.”

The art wing includes five new art rooms that have a modern, airy feel due to two-story windows.

“I love the open feel of the rooms and how bright they are,” said art teacher Mr. Tom Dareneau.

He said the new rooms seem to be much more user-friendly because they’re a little smaller and the supplies are closer for when they’re needed. Better yet, these new art rooms incorporated the art teachers’ designs.

“We were very hands-on in designing the rooms,” said  Mr. Dareneau. “The designers pretty much gave us a footprint and then we had to design within that footprint.”

Students even gave a helping hand by adding input on what the ceiling color should be. They were able to choose from our school colors, and their final decision was black.

The new Cub Gym also makes good use of school colors. Red, black and white decorate the ceiling and walls. Like the new wing, the Cub Gym also has high ceilings and tall windows as architectural features, which gives it the same modernized feel.

Construction has already started on the old building, music suite, and Bear Gym lockers, which is the next phase of the construction project. The old building will be converted into the new 9th grade center

This summer, construction will begin on the 500’s & 600’s hallway and the southwest stair tower.

Last summer, construction was completed on new tech/engineer rooms and labs, chemistry classrooms and labs, and 800’s and 700’s classrooms, FCS classrooms and labs, life skills classrooms, and the North parking lot also were all completed between June and August.


Art rooms are now connected by a hallway between the classes
New Computer lab for classes such as computer graphics
One of the many new art class rooms
Stairs that lead to the new cub gym (left) and the main bear gym (right)
New lobby facing student parking. Students can now enter the building by the new lobby from parking lot
New lobby for students coming from student parking
Another shot of the new lobby
New bleachers show BASH colors in the cub gym
Entrance to the main bear gym
The recently built ceiling in the hallway between the two gyms shows lots of natural light being entered into the building
Main athletic hallway that leads to both gyms
Another shot of one the new computer labs