Art Students Share Mixed Media Projects


Bella Borgese

In the midst of the chaotic school atmosphere, groups of art students recently created some calm.

Students and staff before break had the opportunity to tour art installation projects created by Mixed Media I students. The idea behind the projects was to create a relaxed atmosphere similar to Google’s headquarters in California, Mixed Media Art Teacher Mrs. Pamela Hendrix said.

“You know, how Google lets their employees wander and daydream?” she said. “That’s how they often solve problems — their brains relax.”

An art installation is a large sculpture-like artwork, which alters the way a space is experienced. It means taking a large interior and loading it with disparate items that evoke complex and multiple associations and thoughts, longings, and moods, said Mrs. Hendrix.

Each of the projects was displayed in a different part of an art room, with a tree in the middle. Many of the projects were interactive, including one with a quote wall and another with a space for students to draw. Students also were invited to take a picture next to their favorite piece and post it on social media.

Students and staff toured the room on Monday, Dec. 21, during periods  during 3,5,6,8 and 9. They enjoyed the art, along with some popcorn and lemonade.

The projects were created by two Mixed Media I classes, who were put into groups of 3-5 students, based off of their results on a Myers Briggs personality test.

“I tried to put introverts with extroverts because they work well together,” Mrs. Hendrix said. “The whole purpose of this is collaboration.”

Students then were to create their project based on a few words.

“I gave them a couple of calm words, and they were able to individually choose three words that connected to them.”

Originally, this idea wasn’t just for a grade. It was discussed that the room that was used for the installation could be used as a calming place for students to go and relax.

Unfortunately because the old building is closed for construction purposes, the installation was gone by the time winter vacation was over.