“Live Day” Promises to Entertain

The day before Christmas break, when BASH-TV presents “Live Day” never fails to amuse — and this year should not disappoint.

Live music, stand-up comedy, and magic tricks are among the acts students will perform. As always, some students will attempt to show off talents they think they have and produce acts that make us cry or cringe; others display true talent.

Here is a sneak preview of what we have to look forward to Wednesday:

  • Marlee and Devon Stakonis: “I Will Follow You Into the Dark”
  • Haley Hnatuk and Jaimi Wagner: “ Skyfall”
  • Aim 4 Grey: “Friendly Fire”
  • Joel Keeley: Banjo
  • James Bouffard, Kale Bellevue, John Harris, Trevor Shelley, Scott McMahon: “Peace Frog”
  • Jarick Szumski and Kane Christ: Comedy skit
  • Victoria Ulmer and Gabby Schatz: “Anyway”
  • Kaylene Jackmore, Alyssa Minich, and Nick Romero: Telenovela (Spanish soap opera)