Blood Drive Draws on Student Generosity


Over 100 students and staff gave blood in the school’s most recent drive November 19.

All students 17 and older were eligible to participate unless they had tattoos or piercings, or did not weigh at least 110 pounds.

“The rules about tattoos and piercings are about safety,” said the school nurse. “It’s just a one-year waiting to see if infections develop, like HIV or hepatitis.”

She said the age and weight requirements are intended to prevent students who would pass out from a lack of blood.

Blood Mobile Nurse Michael Kramer said giving blood is not as scary as some students think.

“Everyone’s terrified of giving blood, but it’s not really a very bad experience,” he said. “It takes like 5-10 minutes and all it is a little prick and some blood comes out. Most people are fine afterwards.”P1000858

Senior Sam Duffy was a second-time donor and had little fear.

“It’s not really that scary”, he said. “People should just do it. It’s pretty painless.”