Students Study What They Like During Enrichment Courses


Guilianna McGinnis, Staff Writer

BASH has found a way to squeeze in some time for students to pursue their passions.

At 9:15 each morning, some students are singing or drumming, some are weaving or working on computer design, and others are discussing history or ‘free thinking’.

The school offers 21 enrichment courses during the 20-minute FLEX period for anyone not required to take Guided Independent Study (GIS) or Mandatory Independent Study (MIS). These include opportunities such as concert choir, free-thinkers, history club, and SADD.

These ideas came about from various conversations at school core team and faculty meetings, said Vice Principal Mr. Andrew Maoury.

He is hoping students form a greater connection to the school through the classes by giving them a time in their day where they can work on content they enjoy. Anyone who has an idea for another enrichment class can suggest it.

“If students have an idea and a desire, they can speak to a teacher or to me, and we can look to make that a reality,” said Mr. Maoury. “We’re looking to grow these offerings and create some engaging and things that students can to be apart of.”

Junior Lauren Moyer found that history club was the perfect substitute for her silent study period.

“I wanted to join history club because I like learning about the American culture and how we came to be. It’s just like a social studies class with the exception of tests and quizzes,” said Moyer. “You even get to learn about any historic event you want to. It’s really cool!”

Junior Madison Spence-Moore is part of the SADD enrichment, which stands for students against destructive decisions.

“Joining SADD has been a real eye-opener for me,” she said. “I’ve had the opportunity to learn more about the effects of drugs and alcohol, while making a stand against it.”


Mr. Maoury said students interested in joining an enrichment class should talk to their current Flex teacher to ask about the possibility of doing so.



History Enrichment


Show Choir

TV Studio

Key Club


Art 21

Modern Govt

Class Officers

Studio Art/ Ceramics


Free Thinkers 

Student Council

Drum Ensemble

IT Support Desk



School Store

Weaving/Computer Graphics


Some students spend their time drawing in flex, which is the club Art 21
A picture of students dancing in club show choir


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