Harvest Ball Tickets Sell Out


Harvest Ball tickets sold out on Tuesday, November 17, due to occupancy rules, leaving many disappointed.

Students were put on a wait list and only have a chance of getting a ticket if someone else returns one.

The sellout was very frustrating for some students.

“Harvest Ball is a big deal and there should have been more tickets!” said Sophomore Sarah Babula, who could not get a ticket. Another student was heard saying, “I don’t even know what the heck a waiting list is!”

Student Council Advisor and Social Studies Teacher Mr. Jeffrey Kusniez said there was a limited number of tickets because the Gilbertsville Fire Hall, where the dance is being held Friday, November 20, has a capacity of 650 for safety reasons.

We stop tickets at 630 because the 650 must include the chaperones, DJ, and other staff working the event,” he said. “If we were to go over the 650, and the fire marshal were to show up and count the attendees, he or she could shut down the dance and everyone would lose their money.”

Those who did not get tickets after they sold out were told to put their name, ID number, and cell phone number on a waiting list. The only way they will get a ticket is if someone who already has bought one brings his or hers back for a refund.

“As happens with teenagers, there are breakups, new plans, or other activities that come up after people have bought tickets,” he said.

Those who decide they can no longer go, should contact Mr. Kusniez right away.

“They should not sell their tickets to someone else, those people will not be allowed in the dance if they do,” he said.

“Those tickets must go through us so each attendee is accounted for.  If someone does show up at the dance and is not accounted for (aka they scan in and nothing appears), they will not be admitted to the dance. So it is imperative that anyone that wants to go to the dance they go through the proper channels.”