Crocs Making a Comeback


Even though Crocs at one time seemed to be a short-lived fashion fad, the plastic shoes are making a comeback.

They can be seen around BASH, especially amongst teachers, and lacrosse and field hockey players. And in some places such as shopping malls, people can be seen wearing the company’s new wedge and high-heel styles.

“Well, I personally think the only reason to wear Crocs is to be comfortable; they aren’t very nice to look at,” says Junior lacrosse player Austin Culp, who wears classic-style Crocs.

According to, Crocs’ shares jumped more than 15 percent in May after topping analysts’ first-quarter earnings forecasts and were up more than 20 percent year to date.

Some teachers say they are the perfect shoe for someone who is on their feet all day.
“I have three or four pairs of crocs,” says Special Education Teacher Mrs. Brittany Troutman. “I have two that look like Mary Janes, one is more of a flip flop, and one that looks like slip-on sneakers.”

Because they are so easy to put on, they are ideal for kids as well; kids also can add “jibbits” shoe charms. Mrs. Troutman says her 3-year-old has Minions and Cars jibbits.

”My three year old has been wearing Crocs since he could walk,” she said. “I think we have them in every color and style. He wears them mostly in the summer months when it’s easy to just slip them on (by himself). He loves to add the ‘clips’ to them.”

Science teacher Mrs. Patricia Wilkins also wears Crocs, because they are comfortable and easy to slip on and off. She has four pairs. “I wear them for work and casual,” she said. 

Crocs also are relatively inexpensive (the average price for a “classic” Croc is $34), especially when compared with other specialty comfort shoes.
Those who decide to try them should make sure they buy the real thing.

“I bought some fake crocs from Five Below, and one week later they were broken,” Sophomore Aiden Amore said. “I do not recommend getting fake ones.”