New Teacher: Victoria Fine, English


Q. What school did you previously work at before coming to the Boyertown Senior High?

A. I worked at Pennridge High School.

Q. What is your teaching background?

A. I have taught world literature, 9th grade English, theatre arts, and film production. I also have been a tutor for almost four years.
Q. What specific classes will you teach this year?

A. I teach 10th grade academic English and 11th grade academic American Lit.

Q. Why do you enjoy teaching?

A. I enjoy sharing my love of reading and writing with younger generations.
QWhat do you look forward to in the new year

A. Getting to know the school and community!

Q.What is your favorite tv show

A. This is almost as difficult as deciding what my favorite book is. I enjoy Doctor Who, Friends, The Blacklist, Lost, New Girl… the list could go on.

Q. What’s your favorite Disney character?

A. Belle. And Mulan, And Pocahontas. I’m obviously very indecisive.

QWhere did you grow up?

A. North Wales, PA

Q. What is your Favorite childhood memory?

A. Childhood? Probably reenacting the Civil War with my family.

Q. How do you plan to contribute to the BASH community?

A. I’ve joined the marching band staff as a color guard instructor so I have been spending time after school and on weekends teaching the members of the color guard.