Cross Country Eyes Pac-10 Championships

Charles Orfe, Sports Editor

Boyertown Boys Cross Country thus far has had a good season running.

With their record standing at 6 wins and 3 losses they are in 4th place overall in the pac-10, according to Pac-10 Sports website.

In a recent meet against Upper Perk and Pottstown, Boyertown swept both teams, crushing them with low times.

These kinds of victories can’t come without real talent on the team. 

Team leader Bryton Henry has put up staggering numbers in the meets with times that far surpass other racers. In the most recent meet, he finished with a time of 16:43, 17 seconds before the next racer and a whole 55 seconds faster than the next Boyertown finalist Owen Moore, who had a time of 17:38.

Sophomores Josh Endy and Dominic DeRafelo have again been a dynamic duo, challenging each other each every race. Both posting up great scores for their grade, Dominic ran a 17:44 and Josh ran a 18:26 in their last meet, placing in the top 10 of the meet.

New head coach Ryan Knox is trying his best to get the team in shape in preparation for the real race, the Pac-10 Championship.  In 2014 the team finished in 4th place after a 4 win-5 loss year.


Knox hopes this year some different talent can pull his team through with some excellent final positions.

The challenge with this sport in particular is trying to beat previous times, second by second. Considering half of a second can mean the difference between a low score and a moderate one, training is key.

“Our focus since the summer has been to stay healthy (injury-free) and improve throughout the season to peak late October, early November,” Coach Knox said.

He said school support also could help the team.

“The cross country team is an incredible group of student-athletes that work hard and run farther than many of the student body care to think about,” he said. “We could use their support, so come on over to East and cheer, scream, go crazy for our runners.”

Meanwhile, Boyertown Girls Cross Country has been struggling to pull away with some victories in close matches. Their overall record is 4 and 5, and they are in 5th place in the Pac-10. One match in particular against Upper Perk was only a difference of 7 points according to the Pac-10 website.

Not all is gloomy, however. The regular season is more of a warm-up to see the competition for the Pac-10 championship. Our racers this year certainly look promising to place highly among other female racers, according to Coach Knox

Lead runners Amanda Murray, Grace DeMenno, and Marley Stockunas have been great in leading by example. They lead the team with the lowest scores. Surprisingly talented runners were Maddy Hunsberger and Maci Weiss, who both have come up from nowhere, putting up great scores for the team Knox said.