Homecoming is BASH’s 50th

Homecoming King Jake Irvin and Queen Mandy Kalil

Homecoming King Jake Irvin and Queen Mandy Kalil

Logan Cwikla, Staff Writer

Homecoming was a little more special this year because it was the 50th anniversary of the event.

Taking place October 8-11, it included a carnival, football game, and dance. The carnival was the first in about two decades, and the dance was different in that it was separate from the football game and semi-formal rather than casual.


The dance, which was better attended than in past years, included a DJ.

“I liked all the music they played,” Sophomore Becca Neiman said.

Some people went with friends, while other brought dates.

“I really enjoyed being able to spend time with my girlfriend and seeing how happy she was,” Junior Ryan Zern said.

The homecoming king, Jake Irvin, was announced at the dance and the Queen, Mandy Kalil, was announced at the homecoming football game, which the team won 38-13. Many former Homecoming Queens were in attendance.