New Teacher: Mrs. Marquart, Science


Q. What school did you previously work at before coming to the Boyertown Senior High?

A. I worked for 6 months at Wilson High School (Reading) and 1 ½ years at Governor Mifflin High School

Q.What is your teaching background?

A.  I have teaching certifications in Chemistry and Biology.  I worked for the Department of Environmental Protection as a Water Pollution Biologist before getting my teaching certifications

Q. What specific classes will you teach this year?

A.  This year I will be teaching all Academic Chemistry classes

Q.Why do you enjoy teaching?

A. I enjoy teaching because I like to see students get excited about science and to see the look in their eyes when they finally understand a tough topic

Q. What do you look forward to in the new year?

A. I look forward to learning about all of my new students

Q.What is your favorite tv show?

A. My favorite TV show is American Horror Story

Q. What’s your favorite Disney character?

A. Eeyore is my favorite Disney Character.  He seems so sad and in need of love.

Q. Where did you grow up?

A.  I grew up in Elizabethtown, PA, in Lancaster County

Q. What is your Favorite childhood memory?

A. My favorite childhood memory was spending summers at our lake cottage in upstate NY

Q.How do you plan to contribute to the BASH community?

A. I hope to attend many sports events, musicals, and other events to see my students and to connect with the Boyertown community.


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