New Teacher: Mrs. Johnson, Health and Wellness

Q. What school did you previously work at before coming to the Boyertown Senior High?

A. Prior to Boyertown, I worked at Souderton Area High School and Cheltenham High School.

Q. What is your teaching background?

A. I am certified in Health and Physical Education K-12 and this is my third year teaching high school. I also teach CrossFit at a gym in Souderton.

Q. What specific classes will you teach this year?

A. I am teaching 10th and 11th grade Health and Wellness.

Q. Why do you enjoy teaching?

A. I love interacting with students and teaching them new ways that they can stay active for the rest of their life.

Q.What do you look forward to in the new year?

A. I look forward to being a part of the Boyertown community and getting involved in various ways.

Q. What is your favorite tv show?

A. Big Bang Theory

Q. What’s your favorite Disney character?

A. Little Mermaid

Q. Where did you grow up?

A. Doylestown, PA

Q. What is your Favorite childhood memory?

A. Spending the summers down the shore with my friends and family.

Q. How do you plan to contribute to the BASH community

A. I plan on bringing my fitness background to our Health and Phys Ed classes and challenging students to reach their highest potential.



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