New Teacher: Mr. Knox, Science


In addition to teaching science, Knox is also the school’s new Cross Country coach this year

Mr. Knox

Q: What school did you previously work at before coming to the Boyertown Senior High?

A: I taught at Reading High School and Reading Intermediate High School prior to coming to Boyertown.

Q: What is your teaching background?

A: I have taught science to numerous levels from 8th grade to college level.  I have written a national “Green” environmental curriculum.  It interests me to find innovative or creative ways for students to learn.

Q: What specific classes will you teach this year?

A: Biology & Chemistry

Q: Why do you enjoy teaching?

A: I love the challenge of helping ALL students learn, striving to reach every student & the intricacies required to do so.

Q: What do you look forward to in the new year?

A:The new challenges of being a new teacher in a new district.

Q: What is your favorite tv show?

A:I don’t really have one.  I usually end up watching whatever my wife or kids are watching.

Q: What’s your favorite Disney character?

A: Phineas and Ferb, I know that is 2

Q: Where did you grow up?

A:  Hazleton, PA

Q:What is your Favorite childhood memory?

A: Travelling with my family

Q: How do you plan to contribute to the BASH community?:

A: I am the Head Cross Country coach and will be actively involved in the BASH community.  Student & school pride are a huge part of everyone’s high school experience.