‘Tis the Season for Promposals


Sam Fox’s Disney-themed Promposal

Every year at BASH, hearts fill the air during the spring and students try to come up with the most creative “promposals” they can.

This year features many fun, creative ideas.

At least a half dozen promposals happened on the senior trip to Florida in March, and several others on the music program trip to Europe.

The ones that got a lot of attention are when Senior Anna Pederson got up on stage at Mini-thon and publically asked Junior Trent Soto, or when Bret Takacs dropped a box of balls and said to his potential date, “I finally have the balls to ask you to prom.”

But that doesn’t mean some really interesting ones didn’t slip into the background. Here are a few:

-Senior Troy Rosen promposed to Senior Mika Cave with an exciting poem with a “My Little Pony” theme.

“There were references of some kind [in each stanza] as we both very much adore My little pony.” Said Troy, “I was confronted with a proud ‘yes’.”

-Senior Sam Fox asked his girlfriend senior Becca Pratt by sending her on a fun Disney-themed scavenger hunt.

“I just had her do a scavenger hunt to find each stuffed animal because she loves Disney, and each one let her flip over each paper which then spelled out ‘PROM?’,” Sam said. Her reaction was awesome, she was very happy and even emotional, and she said yes of course.”

-Senior Chad Hanna surprised his girlfriend Abbey Collins when he asked her with a balloon, which he stuffed with a piece of paper that had “Will you go to prom with me?” typed on it. He had Abby pop the balloon.

“She was so surprised when the paper came out,” he said.

-Senior Morgan Clancy was asked by her boyfriend Robert Krepp after getting home from Europe.

“He went to my house before I arrived home from Europe and left a little surprise” she said. “When I got home I went upstairs to put my bags down and then he promposed to me, holding a sign saying, “Of all the fish in the sea, you swam to me. Will you go to prom with me?”