TSA Students Stand Out at State Competition

BASH’s Technology Student Association students ranked second at the annual state competition and had one of its own elected state president for next year.

BASH, which sent 37 students to the competition in Seven Springs Mountain Resort April 16-18, had the second highest number of students in the top ten of their events. Also, Junior Olivia Crocker was elected to serve as TSA state president for the 2015-2016 school year.

The TSA students were able to reach their outstanding success with time-consuming practice and preparation. According to Tech Ed teacher and TSA Adviser Mr. Josh Pennington, students affiliated with TSA spent five months working two to three days a week after school to prepare for their rigorous competition.

In an email announcing the results, Mr. Pennington said he is thoroughly impressed with how far the BASH TSA chapter has come.

“I have to be honest, when I started working with TSA about six years ago, I would have never guessed that our little chapter that only sent about nine kids to the state conference would be the home of the PA TSA State President just a few years later,” he said. “Our growth and commitment to TSA from our students is truly awesome.”

Listed below are the students who placed in the events of this year’s state conference:


Architectural Renovation

Place 4: Thomas Droege, Katelyn Radosin, Pat Hohlfeld

Place 10: Olivia Crocker, Will Sheeler, Molly Sterner, Sasha Zamani

Biotechnology Design National Max 3/s

Place 7: Morgan  Lepre, Jen Moyer, Ethan Witherington, Sasha Zamani


Career Preparation National Max 1

Place 2: Devanshi Agnihotri

Chapter Team National Max 1

Place 9: Morgan Lepre, Devanshi Agnihotri, Olivia Crocker, Olivia Steinmetz, Adam Gilbert, Kevin Reigner

CAD 2D, Architecture National Max 2/s

Place 6: Sasha Zamani

CAD 3D, Engineering National Max 2/s

Place 2: Sam Fox

Place 10: Trevor Waldman

CNC Production National Max 1

Place 9: Jake Irvin, Jeff Hartung

Debating Technological Issues National Max 3/s

Place 9: Olivia Crocker, Kevin Reigner


Digital Video Production National Max 3/s

Place 8: Devanshi Agnihotri, Lucy Bellino

Dragster Design National Max 2

Place 8: Jacob Lasher

Engineering Design National Max 1

Place 2: Olivia Steinmetz, Jake Irvin, Adam Gilbert, Harrison Miller, Trevor Waldman

Place 3: Thomas Burghardt, Ryan Hildebrandt

Fashion Design National Max 1

Place 8: Lucy Bellino, Kira Reigner, Ciara Thomas

On Demand Video National Max 1

Place 4: Olivia Steinmetz, Jake Irvin, Gilbert Adam, Hildebrandt Ryan,

Harrison Miller, Trevor Waldman

Photographic Technology National Max 1

Place 8: Kira Reigner

Promotional Graphics National Max 2

Place 7: Ciara Thomas

SciVis National Max 3/s

Place 2: Morgan Lepre,Tim Emeigh Ethan Witherington

Place 5: Jazzinda O’Donald, Jess Schubert, Gabrielle Thall,

Sasha Zamani

System Control Technology National Max 1/s

Place 10 :Ben Shaner, Thomas Droege, Kelby McWherter

Video Game Design National Max 3/s

Place 9: Devanshi Agnihotri, Tim Emeigh, Ethan Witherington

Place 10: Erik Abramzcyk, Mason Biehn, Chris Kelly, Ian Richards

Webmaster National Max 1

Place 5: Ben Shaner, Devanshi Agnihotri, Kelby McWherter, Kevin Reigner

Place 7: Erik Abramzcyk, Mason Biehn, Chris Kelly, Ian Richards

PA – Computer Systems Troubleshooting National Max 0

Place 8: Erik Abramzcyk, Chris Kelly

PA – Electronic Research & Exp National Max 0

Place 6:  Thomas Droege, Sam Fox